​  ​Fieldstone are irregular shaped stones. Many of the selections in this profile are surface stones, shaped by water, wind and sun, gathered by hand from across the Southwest and Rocky Mountains.

  In both color and shape each of these stones is completely unique.

NaturalThin Stone Veneers

  Blockor ashlar is random, rough cut squares and rectangles.

  These pieces are cut from the quarry bed where iron and other minerals trapped in the natural stone seams create astonishing color and character. 

 Block pieces are generally larger and create a more stately look.  

 Ledge are thin pieces of cut face stone. The ledge profile achieves the sleek stacked look that is popular in many places.

 Pieces are generally 2-6" in heights with random lengths.

  ​​Our Modern Series  was conceived to meet the demand for straight lines and clean cuts.

  We can cut most colors in a variety of sizes or we can cut a combination of course heights.

​  Don't see what you are looking for? Contact us to come up with your custom look.

  Rubble is meant to resemble an old world look. 

​  Before the advent of modern quarrying equipment stone masons had to use whatever stone at their disposal.

​  These irregular multi-shaped stones carefully stacked create a stunning traditional Tuscan look.